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  1. Interior Decorating
    Interior Decorating
    This property was a new build house that had been designed form scratch from architects plans. The project work was carried out to the architects specification using Dulux interior white to optimise brightness in a large open plan area with limited light sources to suit the modern design. In this particular job the bright and simple colour scheme works well to highlight design features such as the staircase.
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    Interior Refurbishment
    This property is a listed building and is at least four hundred years old, the owners had a leaking roof that had been repaired six months prior to the interior refurbishment taking place. The hall and staircase required extensive preparation including plaster patching and complete re-plastering of lower staircase walls. Paint finish was all white matt, white gloss woodwork with black on trim and stairs.
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    Exterior Painting
    As with most centrally located properties in York, buildings are older and if not regularly maintained can deteriorate with age. This is a perfect example of how at a relatively low cost even a badly weathered exterior can be made to look as good as new. All work is guaranteed and carried out to the highest standard by professionals.
  4. decorated office building
    Office space and Interiors
    Transform your working space into a bright vibrant area we offer unlimited options to suit you company's design needs. If you need offices or meeting rooms talk to us, we can install drywall systems to specification that can give you the extra rooms you need for a cost effective price. Our work is carried out by our expert drywall team who can deliver a quality office solutions on schedule.
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    Adding a feature wall to a project can create a unique effective statement to any room. The wallpaper for this job was chosen from our extensive sample range. If you are unsure or have a few ideas you would like to explore chat to us we provide consultations and advice.
  6. painting and decorating ideas hallway
    Hallway Renovation
    This job was a refurbishment of a older house in Rawdon in Leeds. The staircase was originally old embossed wallpaper which had to be stripped off and entirely re-plastered. The original banister was stained which we painted white but re stained the hand rail and kept it as a feature. There was a lot of hard work involved but the results were well worth it.
  7. Industrial painting warehouse
    Warehouse / Industrial
    This Job was for a regular client of ours who was relocating the business to new premises. The remedial work had to be carried out to the landlords specification. The warehouse had 10 years of everyday heavy use. After work was complete it looked as good as new. We used a two part epoxy paint for the floor that provides excellent durability and shine. We are specialists in heavy duty floor coatings, from your garage to large industrial projects we can provide a product to accommodate your needs and budget.
  8. painted loft conversion
    Attic room Restoration
    This job was in an large stone terrace in Brighouse Huddersfield. The costumer specified that the wooden beams were to be restored to the original state as a feature for the room. This was not the easiest of tasks as the beams had been over painted for at least a hundred years and there was a lot of paint removal to do. After a long period of preparation the paint was off and the wood was resorted. The result was a fabulous attic room with the wood providing a great feature.
  9. Wall Decals
    Wall Decals
    We fit a wide range of wall decals. As part of interior design or feature wall decals can offer a unique and inspirational effect to your room.
  10. Interior Designs
    Interior Designs
    We can provide design inspiration for any room. From ultra modern to classic and period designs our designers can transform any space into somthing you can be proud of.
  11. Consultations
    If you require some help and advice to make the most of your decorating project we're here to help. We offer a wide range of products and colour schemes that will help you achive your perfect living space.
  12. Special Effects
    Special Effects
    We do a wide range of special effects Including stone wall and wood effect feature walls. Also we provide specialist wood finishes such as graining, varnishing, staining and beeswax. Please ask for the full range of effects.